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Send us your video and we will dig through +500.000 Royalty-Free music tracks from +20 music libraries to find the soundtrack that fits it the best. The only thing you have to do is to approve the final result.

Quicker and more budget-friendly than hiring a composer, infinitely easier than having to find it yourself.

Happy Clients

"What a truly effective, efficient service, a gift to independent and smaller budget filmmakers that we could only have dreamed of a few years ago.

Composers are expensive, that’s a reality, and using pre-composed cues that can be purchased reasonably online is the obvious choice. 

But then you usually have HOURS of spotting work to do, searching and hunting, listening to cue after cue, sliding it around and crossing your fingers in hope of some kind of appropriate sync and emotional match in tone and length top your project.  This process frustratingly consumes HOURS, and when you’re trying to get through post, and finishing your project, it’s simply an exhausting, frustrating step. 

This is where the genius of YourMusicAssistant becomes clear. They review your footage, take any notes you may have about style, vibe, emotional impaction desire to heart, and then set about scouting tracks FOR YOU, so you can sit and let the great content roll in! It’s like hiring a Casting Director to find you actors who are actually potentially RIGHT for your project. [...]"

- Geoffrey Donne, Emmy Award winning Director of Photography

"The biggest advantage of using Your Music Assistant is getting music tailored to your video based on a certain theme or emotion you're looking to convey.

It's hard to dig through all of the stock music circulating around, so this service makes it beyond easy for you!"

- Emmanuel Teji, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Toronto New Wave

Hear it yourself: Before and After

See and hear how we improved this explainer video for Double Yolk. The version after Your Music Assistant starts at 0:20.


"A very good service that would save a lot of time and frustration for producers/editors. Would definitely recommend it!"

- Kenny Singy, video editor

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