The most efficient way to get Royalty-Free music

Upload your Work-In-Progress video and we will hand-pick the Royalty-Free tracks that fit the best.

We will dig through thousands of tracks from several music libraries to find the ideal soundtrack for your video. Forget about legal headaches and wasting time searching for the right music.

Simply upload your video and receive the soundtrack you need.

How does it work?

1. Upload your Work-In-Progress video. Either a raw edit or a polished one will do. Include a version with temp tracks if you have used any.

2. Receive a personalized selection in less than 48h. For each track you need, a music supervisor will scout various music libraries to find the two best options. You have the last word on which one you keep. 

3. Done! Now you have the ideal soundtrack for your video, without the headache. You can legally use it forever, worldwide, and without fearing YouTube copyright strikes. 

Happy Clients

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