There has never been a time in history with so much great music at our fingertips. There are dozens of music libraries out there with plenty of musical gems for those who care to dig deep enough. 

And yet we see, again and again, videos with cringe-worthy musical choices. 

That corporate video with overly-emotional music that it doesn't let you take the company seriously. That explainer with a distracting beat that doesn't let you focus and understand the message. That video tutorial with the omnipresent "ukulele and hand-claps" kind of track. And so it goes. 

Music and video are like puzzle pieces: if you try to put them together and don't fit, you will break them. Royalty-Free music might be budget-friendly, but finding the right track takes time, effort and musical taste acquired through experience...

...and that's where we come in.

My name's Aleix Ramon (call me Alex!) and I've been a video editor and a music composer for all kinds of videos, from corporate and explainers to short films. I'm also a music psychology freak and love to give advice and talks about music.

I decided to start this project after meeting James, a videographer who often didn't have the budget to hire a music composer. He explained to me how frustrating it was for him to waste hours online searching for stock music... And feeling like he had no clue of what he was doing. His thing was videos, not music. He should be shooting and editing videos, not scrolling through music libraries! Why couldn't someone else do it? 

And so I clicked. 

I love curating music, so why not do it to improve the lives of people like James? This is how, with the help of my team, I started this quest for alleviating the pain of others when it comes to getting Royalty-Free music. 

Our 3 objectives

  • Save video creators time and energy by choosing great Royalty-Free music for them.  
  • Save video creators money by providing them with high-quality music for a fraction of the cost of a music composer. 
  • Save the rest of the world the awkwardness of watching videos with poorly chosen music.

Thank you for reading!

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