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Show us your video. Receive the best Royalty-Free soundtrack possible.

A music assistant will analyze your video and scout the Internet to find the most fitting tracks available. Give your project the best choice among dozens of libraries and millions of tracks.

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The ideal Royalty-Free music for your video

Show us your video and a music assistant will personally handpick the most fitting Royalty-Free tracks. We will dig through several online music libraries to find the perfect soundtrack for your project.

Royalty-Free music that sounds like your temp track

Have you fallen in love with a temp track... but you are not legally allowed to use it? We have you covered. Let us hear your temp track and we will find a similar track (Royalty-Free!) that you can legally use in your video.

Happy clients


Explainer video: Double Yolk 

The guys at Double Yolk wanted to spice up their explainer video to make it more attractive and memorable. After scanning several music libraries, we got them a funky track that strengthens the personality of the video and makes it more enjoyable. Turn the volume up!

TV Commercial: SMBC Singapore 

Kenny needed a great soundtrack for his golf tournament TV commercial. In a few hours, he had our first findings in his inbox. He showed them to his client and they loved this epic sounding track. It makes the video feel exciting and adrenaline driven: exactly what they needed.

Explainer video: Brainstorming Ventures, Inc. 

Edward was looking for a way to enhance his explainer video. He needed something positive but professional. We found him this guitar driven track and I mixed it with the voiceover in his video. He loved it!

A quest to find great stock music

The Internet is saturated with Royalty-Free music (also known as stock music). There are dozens of music libraries and millions of music tracks available online.

It sounds great...

Until you have to find the right track for your video. 

The problem is not the quantity of music or its price. Most Royalty-Free tracks are 20 to 30 times cheaper than hiring a music composer! 

The problem is finding what you need. Some tracks are great, many others are not. Plus different libraries have different rules, which just adds to the confusion.

The average video creator leaves this process as an afterthought because of time and energy limitations.

As a video creator, music is an important part of what you deliver. Are you going to leave half of the message to a last-minute choice?

Let's supercharge your creative process