Let's find Royalty-Free alternatives to your temp tracks

Step 1: Send us your temp tracks

Use the form below to send us your temp tracks. You can either upload the audio files to our private Dropbox folder or send us a link to the tracks on YouTube, SoundCloud, or any other online music streaming service. 

Once we receive the tracks, we will assign your project a dedicated music assistant. He or she will start an extensive search through several Royalty-Free music libraries to handpick similar tracks.

Step 2: Receive a personalized selection in 48h or less

For each track you send us, your music assistant will select 4 similar tracks. If you don't like the choice tell us what you don't like and he or she will select another 2 tracks based on your feedback, at no cost.

Step 3: Download the tracks

Once you have confirmed that you love the tracks, we will send you the links so that you can purchase and download the music from their respective Royalty-Free music libraries. If you are on a tight budget we can limit the search to tracks within the price range you specify.

Done! Now you have a Royalty-Free alternative to your temp tracks that you can legally use.

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